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CTIS Systems at TreadRight in British Columbia

CTIS Systems at TreadRight in British Columbia
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At TreadRight, we specialize in Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS), a cutting-edge solution for modern agriculture. Our systems are designed to optimize the performance of your farming equipment by smartly managing tire pressure.

Understanding Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS)

Central Tire Inflation Systems are all about control and efficiency. CTIS allows you to adjust the tire pressure of your farming vehicles while on the move. This means you can switch from fieldwork to road travel without stopping to change the tire pressure manually. It’s an innovative system that’s making a big difference in farming efficiency.

The Technology Behind CTIS

CTIS is a blend of technology involving a control unit, pneumatic control, and wheel valves. The control unit acts as the system’s brain, letting you change the tire pressure from inside the cab. Pneumatic control ensures that air pressure is distributed evenly to each tire. The wheel valves are crucial – they adjust the air pressure as directed by the control unit, ensuring the right pressure is reached every time.

Advantages of CTIS in Farming

There are several benefits to using a CTIS system in farming:

Reduced Tire Wear: Consistent tire pressure helps avoid the drivers of potential tire problems, like uneven wear.

Improved Efficiency: Proper tire pressure ensures that your vehicle moves smoothly, reducing fuel consumption.

Less Soil Compaction: By adjusting the tire pressure for different soil types, you minimize damage to your fields.

Quick Response to Tire Leaks: CTIS systems can quickly adjust to maintain the right pressure, even with minor tire leaks.

TreadRight’s CTIS Solution

At TreadRight, we proudly offer the PTG CTIS systems. PTG is a well-known German company that makes Central Tire Inflation Systems (CTIS), and it’s part of The Michelin Tire Company. They’re known for their top-notch CTIS products. These systems are renowned for their reliability and advanced technology. PTG systems stand out for their ease of use and effectiveness in maintaining the right tire pressure for various agricultural tasks.

At TreadRight, we’re experts in selling and installing the PTG system. We can put this system into all kinds of tractors, machines, and farm equipment, showing our wide range of skills and know-how in this area.

Expert Installation and Maintenance Services

Our team at TreadRight is not just about selling you a system; we ensure it’s perfectly fitted to your machinery. Our expert installation means you get a fully integrated system from the start. And we don’t stop there – we offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your CTIS system remains in top condition, safeguarding your investment.

Choose TreadRight for Your CTIS Needs

For farmers across Canada, choosing TreadRight for your CTIS needs means choosing excellence. With our advanced PTG CTIS systems, expert installation, and maintenance services, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your farming equipment. So, whether you’re looking to reduce tire wear, save on fuel, or take better care of your land, TreadRight’s CTIS solutions are the smart choice. Join the revolution in agricultural efficiency and see the difference a well-managed tire pressure can make!