AIRBOX/mobil plus

AIRBOX/mobil plus

AIRBOX/mobil Tire Quick Inflation/Deflation Kit

Transportable tire inflation system for all tractors and vehicles

The AIRBOX/mobil plus is a transportable system for quickly adjusting tyre pressure when the vehicle is stationary. Unlike the AIRBOOSTER, the AIRBOX/mobil plus has its own, complete control unit integrated into the case. Adjusting the tyre pressure axle by axle is possible without the need of monitoring the system. Simply connect the control unit to the air brake system, set the desired tyre pressure and connect the two spiral hoses to the tyres. The device will then take care of the rest. In the meantime, you can prepare the machine and implement for the next job.

The patented PTG screw-on nipple is screwed onto the tyre valve once, after the valve core has been removed (larger opening for the air to pass through).

The hose coupling for the trailer brake connection is an air tap not subject to approval by the German registration authorities (TÜV) for fast inflation anywhere.

The filling hose is inserted into the hose coupling, but can also be connected to any shop compressor.

Delivery contents
1 aluminum carrying case including a precision control unit; 0-2.5 bar (0-36 psi) range of adjustment (0-4 bar (0-58 psi) optional)

liquid-filled 0-2.5 bar (0-4 bar) pressure gange; scaled to 1/10 bar (1.5 psi)

2 spiral hoses with self-sealing couplings, working length of 3m (10ft) each

10m (32ft) air hose for connecting to the tractor or shop compressor

1 hose coupling with standard coupling for the trailer brake connection

4 PTG screw-on nipples for air/water rim valve

1 adapter for conventionally checking air pressure (e.g. the gas station)

1 servicing and installation manual

Accessories (not included in the standard delivery contents):
rim connector set for inner tyre valves

This is how fast the tyre pressure for a tractor with 120hp and the factory-standard air brake system, for example, can be adjusted:
2 tyres with 650/65 R38 dimension
deflation from 1.4 bar (20 psi) to 0.8 bar (11 psi): approx. 2 minutes
inflation from 0.8 bar to 1.4 bar: approx. 4 minutes