RDS/GW 2L for Slurry Tankers and Trailers

RDS/GW 2L for Slurry Tankers and Trailers
trailers & trailed implements

RDS/GW 2L with digital or isobus control

2 line tire inflation system for all slurry tankers and trailers

The RDS tire inflation system 2 line technology is a proven and reliable system for comfortably adjusting tire pressure while the vehicle is moving. The lines are led through the bored axles. This system is suited for all slurry tankers and other trailed vehicles with similarly prepared axles. A retrofit with the RDS 2L is not possible unless the axles come pre-bored since subsequent boring of the axle would result in voiding the axle’s operating permit!

Air is led to the tire through the bored axle before arriving in the compact 2 line rotary joint that has been screwed into the front side of the axle hub. This rotary joint is unique for its being maintenance-free thanks to its high-quality rotary seals and ball bearings being provided with a special lifetime grease filling.

The sealing system for sealing the grease cap was developed in cooperation with BPW. In the rim, a wheel valve with check functionality is installed that will immediately close in the event a line tears and will keep the tire from losing pressure.

The system is connected via a safety valve to the air brake system so that 6.5 bar (94 psi) of pressure supply in the air brake reservoir is guaranteed at all times.

Due to the large volume of the tires on the vehicle, the use of separate/additional air supply systems is usually necessary. PTG offers various air supply systems that turn on and off automatically as needed.

Operating the system is done from the c