AIRBOOSTER®plus Systems for Adjusting Tire Pressure when Stationary

AIRBOOSTER®plus Systems for Adjusting Tire Pressure when Stationary


Tire inflation and fast deflation set for all tractors and vehicles

The AIRBOOSTER®plus is a transportable and extremely robust system for quickly adjusting tire pressure when the vehicle is stationary. The user can adjust tire pressure very quickly using the handheld device included (pressure gange with ball valve and attachments), making this the ideal product for everyone who is looking to change or check their tire pressure only occasionally as well as for anyone looking to first try out the advantages of driving with adjusted tire pressure without making a larger investment.

The PTG screw-on coupling with protective cap is screwed on and mounted to the tire valve after the valve core has been removed (larger opening for the air to pass through).

Quick deflator in action:
pressure control with 1/10 bar (1.5 psi) precision, deflation in a matter of seconds!

The red hose coupling for the trailer brake connection is an air tap not subject to approval by the technical inspection authorities (TÜV) for fast inflation anywhere.

The filling hose is inserted using a plug nipple into the hose coupling, but can also be connected to any shop compressor.

The securely mounted pressure limitation valve in the filling hose serves as a pressure safety valve when inflating the tire and prevents in the worst case the tire from exploding and possible personal and property damage! This is why inflating the tire is only allowed when using the filling hose.