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RDS/portal 2L for forage harvesters

RDS/portal 2L for forage harvesters

RDS/portal New Holland with digital control

2 line tyre inflation system for harvesters

In collaboration with the engineers of New Holland, the RDS/portal has been adapted and type approved in 2 line technology especially for harvesters. The newly developed RDS/portal is the perfect system for comfortably adjusting air pressure on your harvester while in motion. The air lines are led through the axle tube and the axle to the tyre; lines led outside the vehicle and around the wheel are now no longer necessary!

With the RDS/portal, the rotary joints are spared from external influences completely integrated into the axle housing of the machine and work completely maintenance free. A special life-time grease filling at the gasket seals allows for grease nipples to be done away with and makes tedious, time-consuming maintenance intervals a thing of the past!

Thanks to its innovative technology through which the rotary joints run depressurized simultaneously with the machine and pressurized only during the brief periods of tyre pressure adjustment, the gasket seals of the RDS/portal usually keep for the lifetime of the machine.

Moreover, in using special tyre valves, the RDS/portal system offers high operational safety. For instance, in the event of a line break, even if the system is activated, the tyres will not lose any air (unlike the 1 line systems) because the proven RDS tyre valves will immediately close on their own in such an event and keep the tyres from losing any pressure.

In using these valves, the tedious closing of the shut-off valves in the rims is also done away with (known from the 1 line technology) before starting the drive on the road or parking the machine for the night. This technology is now a thing of the past for New Holland harvesters.

The RDS/portal is supplied by the harvester’s high-performance compressor system that enables the tyre’s inflation in only 2 to 4 minutes (depending on tyre size and the desired change in pressure). Tyre deflation happens in approx. 2 minutes.

Operating the RDS/portal 2 line technology is done simply and comfortably using the digital control console in the cab.