AIRBOX/drive 2L for trailed sprayers

AIRBOX/drive 2L for trailed sprayers

AIRBOX/drive 2L with digital control

2 line tire inflation system for trailed sprayers

For sprayers with typically more narrow tires, the use of a tire inflation system is especially sensible. Through tire deflection, the relatively small footprint can be significantly enlarged and the heavy weight of the tank distributed better. Apart from reducing rolling resistance, especially deep ruts and their damaging ground compaction can be significantly minimized.

In principle, the AIRBOX/drive 2 line technology works by transferring air from a stationary component (stator) to a rotating component (rotor). For this process to work, pressure-resilient gasket seals are installed in the stator that in interacting with the rotor cause annular channels through which the air pressure flows, of course, also while the vehicle is moving.

The rotary joint is screwed onto the wheel studs concentrically to the middle axle using a fitting stirrup. Rotor and stator are embedded lined up with one another. Both a large line and a small control line rotate synchronously with the rotor and are led to the tire valve.
In the rim, a tire valve with a non-return finger device is installed that will immediately close in the event a line tears and will keep the tire from losing pressure.

The system is connected via a safety valve to the air brake system so that 6.5 bar (94 psi) of pressure supply in the air brake reservoir is guaranteed at all times.

The rotary joints and the entire air line system are pressurized only during an active control cycle. The patented two-line principle ensures that after every pressure change the tire is closed off and all transfer units (including gasket seals) are depressurized, thereby sparing the system from unnecessary wear. This technology also sees to it that the tire loses no air in the event of a leak in the regulating system or a break in the line, thereby guaranteeing increased safety.

The air lines are run over the fender through a telescopic tube and are led to the middle of the wheel. Using the telescopic tube, the clearance to the side of the rotating wheel can be individually adjusted.

The large line and the control line are connected to the rotary joints using quick couplings so that they can be easily removed when not in use and placed on the fenders in empty coupling points.

Operating the AIRBOX/drive 2 line technology is done simply and comfortably from the control console of the digital control in the tractor.